Designing for Nurses 



More than 29 million people in the United States have diabetes. As this disease continues to rise, we need to design a streamlined process for point of care glucose testing that is both safe and effective. In this case study, I used contextual inquiry and design thinking to solve my user's problem. As a result this increased the overall quality of glucose testing.



Nurses need a way to remember their operator ID code in order to appropriately track who performed the test to meet regulatory requirements.


Create a barcode label that can be attached to the nurse's ID badge for an easy way to access their number.


I had been working at this hospital for a few months working primarily in the laboratory. After a few months, I was appointed the Point of Care Coordinator position. Having no prior knowledge of what was involved in point of care testing, the best way for me to learn was by observing the workflow of nurses. During this time, I had seen that a number of errors were arising in our Diabetes Management System, Precision Web (PWEB). I knew that our lab policy was to send a confirmatory test to the lab if the patient's glucose was critical by finger stick. I was seeing that this policy was not being followed and so I wanted to follow up with the nurses performing the test to see why this was the case.